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Helping Your Child with Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Children experience stress too. Parents play a critical role in supporting healthy emotional development for their child. Cultivating a strong sense of self, emotional strength and balance are every parent's goal for their child. Sometimes this balance is disrupted due to life transitions, family changes, trauma, loss or mental illness.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy can help identify a child's unique emotional and social needs and provide a road map for a successful recovery.

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Coping with Intense Emotions

Sometimes parents may notice that their child or adolescent is struggling with intense emotions. There may be an increase in excitability and irritability or the child may be withdrawn and very quiet. Cognitive Behavior Therapy can help children and youth cope with intense emotions.

Changing Difficult Behaviors

Parents may notice that a child or adolescent's behaviors may have changed so much that they are interfering with getting along at school or at home. Cognitive Behavior Therapy can be an important part of a treatment plan to help a family manage difficult behaviors.